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University of Phoenix emerged as an institution of higher learning dedicated to the needs of working adults at a time when adults had few, if any, options for completing their education while working full-time to support themselves and/or their families.

For over a quarter of a century, University of Phoenix has pioneered teaching methods that recognize the experience and determination adults bring to the classroom, scheduling systems that honor the time constraints involved in returning to school while holding down a job, and learning environments that acknowledge their students' need to be engaged, supported and challenged. Everyday, they live and breathe their mission to remove barriers and to provide quality, relevant education.

Their phenomenal growth and notable leadership in the field attests to their success in doing so.

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Welcome to University of Phoenix and University of Phoenix Online. This web-based catalog comprises the vast majority of the courses we offer, ranging from Bachelor to Master degrees. This is a general program overview. As you navigate through this site, you'll see far more detail in concentrations, such as Business/Accounting and Masters/Global Management. Some of the primary special concentrations are in:

university of pheonix - bachelor of science - Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business/Administration program is designed for the working adult employed in a business or public organization. The major is designed to enable graduates to deal effectively with an increasingly complex business environment. The major stresses skill development in the areas of financial accounting, managerial finance, quantitative analysis, economics, marketing, and business-based research. Business Administration

pheonix university - bachelor of science - Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration provides students interested in policing, criminal law, or corrections with an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice in American society. Students enrolled in the Criminal Justice Administration program will examine the criminal justice process and its key components while at the same time learn the skills needed for effective interpersonal communication, administrative decision -marketing and personnel management. Criminal Justice Administration

university of pheonix online - bachelor of science - Nursing

The BSN program is designed to develop the professional knowledge and skills of working registered nurses. The curriculum is built upon a foundation of biological, physical, and social sciences which contribute to the science of nursing. The program enhances the foundation in the biological, physical, and social sciences through an instructional program with behavioral objectives that concentrate on the development of the nurse's role as caregiver, teacher, and manager of care. Bachelor of Science - Nursing

university pheonix - Master of Arts - MBA

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) develops students for the role managers play in defining business problems, assessing information, considering alternatives, and choosing the best solution. To prepare students for this decision-marketing role, the MBA has been designed to introduce the theory or principles that frame a wide range of problems or issues in each of the courses. The most current techniques or tools are applied to these theories to allow students to practice marketing decisions to solve a wide range of problems. The Flexnet option allows a split of time between both the campus and online, allowing students to maximize their time commitments. Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

phonix university - Master of Education

The Master of Education. degree program is designed to meet the specific needs of educators through a variety of specializations. Each area of specialization offers courses developed to meet state licensing and content standards and to enhance and refine the skills of the individual whether an administrator, counselor, or classroom teacher. Master of Arts - Education

university of phenix - Master of Arts - Nursing

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers working nurses opportunities to participate in degree programs developed to broaden their professional horizons. These programs are designed specifically for nurses who desire a repertoire of skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively to today's dynamic health care environment. Master in Nursing

university of phoenix - Master of Arts - Counseling

The Masters of Counseling program is designed to meet the needs of the working adult professional who will benefit from a graduate education in counseling. The curriculum, coursework, and clinical experiences are designed to produce outcomes in knowledge, critical thinking, affective development, and counseling skills. Attention is given to the development of oral presentation skills, group process skills, research utilization, and exposure to and practice of a wide range of counseling approaches. Master of Arts - Counseling

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