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Highlights for Human Resources Manager

    (related titles: personnel officer, staff officer, equal employment opportunities officer)

    A human resources officer helps to look after staff welfare and may specialise in one of the following areas: recruitment, compensation and benefits, occupational health and safety, training and development.


    assists in preparing the payroll and banking in employees’ monthly pay

    writes job descriptions

    advertises available jobs

    may help shortlist and interview people for jobs

    assists in managing the recruitment area of the company website

    assists in staff appraisal exercises

    assists in staff training and development programmes

    talks to staff about personal or work problems

    mediates in workplace disputes

    may be involved in the implementation of human resources information systems

    may be involved in long-term strategic human resources planning and policy

    Human Resources officers must genuinely be concerned about peoples’ welfare. They must understand how employees contribute to an organisation’s success and be able to contribute to strategies to retain and develop these employees. On a day to day basis, they should have good people and communication skills. Strong negotiation and problem-solving skills are also important. An eye for detail, a meticulous work ethic, and good time-planning help in juggling the multiple and often administrative tasks that a human resources officer must handle. In most organisations, it is essential that the human resources officers are computer literate and manage minor projects. Last but not least, a cheerful disposition and a keen interest in keeping up with the latest HR developments helps.

    Corporations usually prefer graduates who have specialised in human resources, psychology or industrial relations. In smaller firms, a diploma or certificate in business or administration may suffice. If one wishes to work one’s way up to be involved in Strategic HR issues, an MBA or any business related Masters degree is usually required.